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SnapShell PC

The Snapshell® PC is a state-of-the-art networking solution that includes a fully functioning PC and cutting-edge Snapshell® ID reader. It comes with a choice of built-in Wifi connectivity and 1000 BaseT Ethernet port.

SnapShell® PC from Card Scanning Solutions (CSSN) is a complete ID reader solution designed for efficiently and accurately capturing ID information from ID cards and driver’s licenses.
SnapShell PC for networking solutions

SnapShell® PC Features:

  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Low maintenance – No calibration
  • Low wear and tear – No mechanical moving parts
  • Excellent picture resolution – 600dpi true color
  • Fast processing time – 2-3 seconds
  • Micro PC with up to 2Ghz CPU
  • Up to 2GB RAM
  • Tiny footprint of 4″ x 4.5″ x 1.05″
  • Choice of Windows XP or Windows 7
  • Wi-Fi and 1000 Base T Ethernet which easily integrates into any networking solutions
  • 160GB HDD with option of solid state drive
The SnapShell® PC solution includes a fully fledged PC and SnapShell® ID Reader both with a tiny footprint that requires very little space or power. The SnapShell® PC is a micro form factor PC bundled with the SnapShell® reader that easily fits into the palm of your hand. Building efficient networking solutions with this ID reading solution is easy and can be deployed into the most intricate network environments.

The SnapShell® PC boasts an Intel processor up to 2 GHz with a choice of Windows XP or Windows 7 and it can be configured to your exact requirements. The SnapShell® reader utilizes a 3 mega-pixel camera capable of snapping high quality digital images of ID cards up to 600 dpi. With a USB 2.0 connection and no moving parts, the SnapShell® ID Reader is a low maintenance, zero calibration solution that is super easy to setup and use. Simply place the ID document face down on the scanning window and SnapShell® does the rest.

The SnapShell® PC networking solutions comes bundled with either idScan® software,® modular software, and/or it can be used with the SnapShell® Software Development Kit (SDK) for smooth integration into 3rd party software or custom application development.

Bundled Software Features:

(Specific features dependant on software version)
  • Reads and authenticates* Driver′s Licenses and ID cards of over 50 US states and 45 countries.
  • Reads both 1D and PDF 417 2D barcodes.
  • Reads business cards.
  • Easy integration into 3rd party applications.
  • Significantly Faster image capture time - 300 dpi 1 second, 600 dpi 2 seconds.
  • User friendly - Easy plug and play installation.
  • Optional automatic scanning upon placement of card
  • Capture a full image of the license, or cropped face & signature image only.
  • Extracts both image and data, including ID number, name and demographics.
  • Optical Ultra Violet (special order) and Infrared authentication (coming soon).
*Available on Snapshell FDA units only using Digimarc Watermark authentication technology currently available in over 40 states.

Developing with SnapShell® PC

SnapShell® PC is available for developers with powerful SDK tools with support for C++, Visual Basic and many other programming tools and languages enabling easy integration into 3rd party applications or customized networking solutions or applications to meet the needs of any market.

SnapShell® PC Options:

For detailed specifications please see the spec.

  Option 1 Option 2
CPU Frequency Up to 1.6 GHz Up to 2 GHz
Memory 1 GB DDR2 Up to 2 GB DDR2
On-board flash - Up to 4GB
S/PDIF - Yes
LAN 1x GbE 2x GbE
USB 6 ports 4 ports
IR receiver Yes -
Serial port - Yes
Auto-on Optional Standard
Mini-PCI express socket Yes -

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