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IPScan® – Remote Scanner Management

remote scanner software

With IPScan® any TWAIN compliant remote scanner can be managed remotely over the network whether it is connected to a thin client terminal or desktop PC, resulting in improved management, reduced costs as well as enhanced application integration. IPScan® gives you the ability to quickly and easily allocate an IP address and port to the remote scanner that will be managed remotely including central management across the WAN (Wide Area Network).

IPScan® has been developed and proven efficient in both thin and thick client environments. IPScan® is installed on each PC together with the remote scanner, and runs in the background waiting for incoming connections. Users are able to monitor IPScan® status by the IPScan® tray.

In Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (previously Windows Terminal Services) environment or in Citrix environments the controlling application and CSSN SDK (Software Development Kit) needs to be installed and the remote scanner is then controlled by the application using the SDK.

Whatever your particular network configuration or application may be, IPScan® is the solution! Contact CSSN today to learn more about how IPScan® can help you!

Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows 2000 or higher
  • 13MB Hard Drive Space
  • 64MB free Memory

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