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MedicScan® SDK Module

Medical SDK Library Description

MedicSDK.ocx is an ActiveX component that encapsulates all the functions needed to scan, process, parse and export medical insurance documents.

MedicSDK.ocx exposes two independent interfaces to the application:

  • User interface: The scanned document is processed and displayed on the host application GUI while each word is highlighted and can be dragged using the mouse and dropped into the proper fields on the host application.
  • Data interface: The text on the insurance card is automatically parsed and assigned to pre-defined fields. That host application can access these property fields and copy the proper fields on the host application.

MedicSDK is a fully automatic medical SDK and can analyze and extract all the relevant data fields from the medical insurance including: Member Name, Member ID, Plan Provider and many more.

Scanning and processing medical insurance

Scanning medical insurance and analyzing its content is done in the following automated sequence:

1) Detect document placement on the scanner tray: MedicSDK automatically monitor the scanner paper sensor and send event to the application once a document is placed on the scanner's tray.

2) Scan the document: MedicSDK medical SDK automatically starts the document scan and send event to the application once the scan ends. When a duplex scanner is used, both document sides may be scanned in a single document pass.

3) Process the document: MedicSDK automatically analyze the scanned document as soon as the scan ends. If a duplex image is acquired, the processing algorithm processes both sides simultaneously. The result data is loaded Medical SDK properties.

4) Retrieve the analyzed data from the ActiveX properties.

MedicSDK is defaulted to perform steps 1-4 automatically without the application intervention. However, the application can also customize MedicSDK, our medical SDK to trigger each step by the application.

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User Interface

Processing medical insurance card is done by analyzing the text on the card and assigning the text into the relevant fields. MedicSDK ActiveX also offer to assign the textual data to their destination fields in the hosting application manually, this is done after the component analyzed the image and highlighted each word on the document.

The user now may select the right words by clicking on them and drag the text to the destination. Once a "drop" is done, the destination filed will be filled with the dragged text.

Medical SDK screen

Card's image shown by the control immediately after processing.

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