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Kiosk Solutions

Kiosk Solutions

Kiosks, or Self Service terminals, are becoming more and more popular. Whether they are used for simple registrations at an event or trade show, patient admittance or self service banking, these portals allow for fast and efficient customer processing.

CSSN Inc. offers a variety of Kiosk Solutions starting from a complete SnapShell® Kiosk solution that includes both a fast camera ID reader and a magnetic ID reader, SnapShell® for Kiosk ID reader that can be incorporated to your own kiosk, and software and SDK solutions that can be used to integrate to any kiosk application.
  • SnapShell Kiosk - A complete integrated solution that allows for personal identity documents to be scanned through the kiosk.
  • SnapShell for Kiosk - A revolutionary new ID reader for Kiosks that captures ID information quickly and accurately.
  • idScan Kiosk - An integration module for kiosk developers, which makes it very easy to incorporate the IDScan technology into third-party applications.

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