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idScan® Kiosk

idScan® Kiosk is an integration module for kiosk developers, which makes it very easy to incorporate the idScan technology into third-party applications. The Kiosk can run in the background and be controlled by other applications, making it completely transparent to the end user.

For every scan, the Kiosk will create four files on the target hard drive:
  • A full ID image.
  • Face image containing a passport-like picture of the individual from the card.
  • A signature image with a small image of the signature only.
  • Comma delimited text file with the ID information.
The third-party application will simply grab the four files directly to its own database application.

idScan® Kiosk contains many hidden options to suit variety of working modes. Some of these options are invoked using special command line parameters and some by changing the default values in the application configuration file. Triggering these options modify the main application GUI, expose hidden configuration screens, activates system tray icon and even cause idScan to interact with other current running applications in Windows.

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idScan® Kiosk optional running modes are:

  • Administration Mode - Running the application in Administration mode shows a new tab in the configuration screen. This tab allows you to disable the splash screen and to disable all message boxes in the application.The Automation tab offers developers that wish to use idScan for kiosk applications full automation of the user interface by eliminating the use of dialog boxes in the application, thus releasing the user from using keyboard and mouse. idScan Kiosk supports an additional important administration feature: it allows running the application in hidden mode.
  • Minimum Interface Mode - The minimum interface mode is suitable to administrators that want their users to operate the software with minimum possibilities. In this mode the user can only scan, calibrate and clean the scanner. All other buttons are removed from the application interface and its configuration can not be altered from the main interface.
  • Parent Application mode - Running idScan® in this mode force idScan to give the focus to another application after it finish to invoke. This is useful when running idScan with a main application that use idScan to scan cards. With this option the main application maintain the focus after idScan invokes.
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