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Getting started with our SDK

Please use the following steps to help you get started with your development:

1. If this is your first time working with our Software Developers Kit, please download our latest SDK package from:

2. Install the SDK by running the file sdk_setup.exe which is located in the SDK package at DriverLicenseSDK\SDK setup.

3. Make sure to run the Software Developers Kit setup prior to connecting the hardware and make sure to select your hardware in the pre-install section of the SDK setup.

4. Connect the hardware and use the hardware wizard with the automatic option selected to complete the hardware setup.

5. Once the SDK is installed, you will find the ScanW.pdf and ScanWex.pdf documents in the SDK directory. If the default install path is used, the SDK folder will be created at: C:\Program Files\Card Scanning Solutions\SDK

6. ScanW.pdf and ScanWex.pdf are extremely important and should be read and referred to for you to be able to use all the functionality that is available.

7. The SDK package also includes several examples in different programming languages to help you progress faster in your development. If you get a license expired message, please search the project for a constant under the name License or LicenseValue, and replace the expired license with one you can request from your sales representative.

8. If you are planning to create your own Software Developers Kit installer when you finish the integration, please review Appendix B in the ScanW.pdf.

Get an SDK license

To become a CSSN developer and receive a demo SDK license, or if you forgot your SDK license
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It is important to us that your integration go smoothly; if you have any questions that you cannot find answered in our documentation, please feel free to contact us.

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