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CSSN Update Module

CSSN Update is a mechanism that helps to automatically synchronize the locally installed SDK files with the most recent file version on Card Scanning Solution update server.

The process to handle new updates involves the following 3 steps:
  • User Registration - Register before performing software update to be granted with the capability to perform software updates. This step is required only for the first software update (or whenever you wish to update the user personal details on Card Scanning Solutions database) – subsequent updates can skip this step.
  • Check for new updates - Checking for updates will return an indication if the local files has the most recent version. If there are files that need to be updated, the function returns the file names. The file names as well as the check progress can be captured by the receiving application by capturing the proper events. In general these files can be split into two groups:
    1) Application SDK files – Files that are part of the SCANW files set.
    2) Live update SDK files – Files that are part of the CSSN Update mechanism.
    Downloading these files requires rebooting the PC.
  • Downloading the new updates - Downloading the files should start after the main application was shut off (to prevent file sharing violation). The download application automatically creates a temporary directory and downloads all the files to it. Once the download is accomplished, the download function performs the following:
    1) If the downloaded files belong to the SCANW file set, it will overwrite the new files on the old files (and register the proper dll libraries).
    2) If the downloaded files belong to the CSSN Update file set, the downloading function accomplishes the installation by running CSSNResume.exe, this program finishes to copy the downloaded files over the old files (and register the proper files, if needed). If CSSNResume.exe will fail to copy the files since they might be used by an open process then a message will display to the user that’s says:
    "To complete the update process please restart your computer and run CSSNResume.exe".
    *Note: The download program MUST reside in the same directory where the SDK files are.

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