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Business Cards SDK Module


The BizCOM library is an SDK that gives your application an easy way to extract data from business card and import it to any application. Using the library, the integrator can detect a paper insertion to the scanner (ScanShell800/800N/1000), scan the card, process the image and get the different data fields from the card. BizCOM may work as a stand-alone SDK or integrate with ScanW SDK (our Driver Licenses SDK), thus giving a complete solution to scan business cards and driver license.

Using BizCOM with ScanW

BizCOM SDK provides a complete and independent solution for scanning business cards. This SDK can also integrate with ScanW SDK and BizCOM SDK (that analyze driver’s license and passports) and expand its capabilities to cover business cards reading. In fact, both SDKs are designed to share most of their files. For example, when using both SDKs, you may control the scanner either using BizCOM SDK(using ScanToFile function) or using the scanning library SlibEx that is encapsulated in ScanW (using the function ScanToFile). Both SDKs will actually run the same code eventually. The only motivation to this redundancy is the will to keep BizCOM SDK as an independent library.

To work with the two libraries (or in other words, to add a business card detection capability to the ScanW library) you must install both SDKs to the same directory and register ScanW.dll and BizCOM.dll.


BizComX.Dll library is an ActiveX wrapper that wraps the BizCom com dll. It eases the integration between VC++ source libraries and the web script languages. There is one component in the BizComX ActiveX. It is called BizLib. It contains all the exposed methods and properties of the BizCom class.

Retrieving information from business cards

Retrieving the data from a business card involves 4 steps:
  • Loading the internal image by scanning the business card.
  • Processing the internal image
  • Retrieve the data
  • Export the internal image to a file in the proper dpi and color scheme
Important: The internal image is overwritten in every new scan. It is the application responsibility to make sure that the scan is performed in the proper setting. Failing to do so may result with bad data retrieval.

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